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I have purchase Oreo cookies every week, for four years now.

Only problem is that husband only eats

the Heads or Tails ones.

I love the mint Oreos.

I have to search all over to find his Oreos.

I went to three different grocery stores in

one day and could not find any. Even stopped

at Walmart. Could not find them there either.

Hope you are still making them and tell

me where to get them please.

Live in Sanford, N.C.

So my complaint to you please keep making

The Heads or Tails double stuf Oreo cookies,

So he will be a happy man once again.

Reason of review: Can't find Head or Tails oreo.

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Please bring heads to tails back they were the best


I agree.. The heads or tails are the only ones I eat and I can’t find them..All these nasty flavors but no Heads or Tails..


Did Nabisco stop making Double Stuf Cool Mint Oreos? WHY???????????????? I need them for a Christmas truffle recipe!


I have been looking forever, I even have OREO MONDELEZ on speed dial! They replaced the HorT’s with coconut thin/slims??????

Really And yes I have been making them homemade for some time now!, not same! I’m out and thanks for the nice run.

Ps. I almost forgot, why no candy corn In targets again this year????


Please bring back the heads or tail oreos.


WHY????????????????????? Heads or Tail Oreos are by far the best, Non in Florida :(


Ok I too am ANNOYED that they're discontinued but I dunno if it's the POOR MEXICAN in me but I just bought 1 pack if original oreos and 1 pack of golden oreos twisted them apart and used 1 half of each ... it's a bit of work but hey it works.. #HeadsOrTails #MexiCAN #WhenYouGrowUpPoor #YouMakeItWork


Hi, I have been looking for the Heads or Tails Oreos for months and have found out that they are discontinued. Please bring them back. They are my favorite Oreos.


I'm grateful to have found the support of this online community to commiserate with me as I'm dealing with the disturbing lack of heads or tails oreos.


They had to have stopped making them. OREO START MAKING THEM AGAIN.

to Justin #1546072

Why did they have to 'stop' making Heads or Tails Oreos?


Ugh. Nothing anywhere, not amazon, nothing.

Only ones I liked. Why would they stop these but continue these other horrible flavors.


Colorado Springs, CO


I'm totally bummed too in Quincy, Illinois!!! :(


I love the Heads or Tails Oreos. Can't find them in Cincinnati, Oh or Northern KY.


I agree! They are hard to find. I hope they didnt stop making them


Well if its good & you like it-they will discontinue them. Guess I won’t be buying Oreos.


My daughter and husband love the heads or tails oreo's and I haven't found them in Rock Hill, SC. in over a month!

I thought it was just me. I guess they were discontinued :( I hope they bring them back soon.


I've been in the same boat. My husband will only eat the Heads or Tails ones too.

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