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Just recently purchased the mystery flavored Oreos on Nov 09,2017. Ist off they NEED TO STAY A MYSTERY.

Opened package to find missing cookies at least make package smaller if not going fill all the way , felt cheated. Next the after taste from those dry crumbly totally gross " fruit loop or fruity prebble" flavored, If you want to call them cookies. All of us had horrible heart burn upset stomachs and gas and every time I belched it cleared out the room. Nasty, Never again..

I ate only 2 cookies and was miserable. They need to bring back the original recipe and STOP with the Oreo science experiments if they want my loyalty back.

Review about: Oreo Mystery Cookies.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They are gross. I won't buy again.


I have to agree. I was the most disgusting cookie I've tasted in a long time, and it talked back to me all day, and I only took one bite.....yuk.

They are targeting the younger generation with all these weird and rediculous flavors/flavor combinations. They will do anything to bring more people to buy these stupid novelties, instead of focusing on improving the original (or make them like they used to, since quality control has gone downhill).

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