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OREOS were my favorite cookie, until a couple of months ago.At first I thought I picked up a stale pack but then I realized that the company changed the recipe!

Word to the wise...if somethings not broke dont try an fix it! Oreos will never be the same again.

I feel sorry for this new generation of kids.They will never know how DELICIOUSLY AMAZING oreos use to taste!

Review about: Oreo Cookies.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Agreed!I bought a package of Oreos to introduce to my children, as they were such a childhood favorite of mine but once I tried a cookie, I was shocked, disgusted and convinced the package had expired.

It hadn't. The cookie was chalky, the filling was bland and cookie overall was just tasteless. It tasted cheap and it was not the Oreo I remembered and loved as a child.

It's just not even close.Shame on Nabisco for insulting it's customers.


This review is right on.I guess Oreos suck now.

I also thought I had an expired bag, checked the date, and it wasn't. It must be the new recipe ... and it's gross. Made in Mexico, too.

The cookies are mushy and the filling tastes weird.I am very disappointed in the Oreo brand.

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