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I recently bought two packages of regular Oreo cookies in a couple of months ago. The cookies had about half of the amount of cream filling they used to have, and the cookies tasted like chalk and are very thin.

Same thing happened with a package of Double Stuf that I bought a few months earlier. What happened to the old Oreos? It seems like both the quality and the recipe has changed. Likely the company did it to cut costs, but why would you mess with something so perfect?

I would gladly pay more for the old Oreo-bring back the filling and the rich chocolate cookie. Until then, I will not be buying Oreos again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Oreo Original Cookies.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Bring back the old recipe.

Oreo Cons: Food quality.

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Oreos recently started having less filling than they used to. I think it's kind of obvious, if you eat them over the past decades, like I have. I guess they're just trying to save some expense, or to make you buy the "double stuff" ones, which I never have.


Oh, Oreos. The cookie tastes OK, but the filling, ick....

it's got a slightly tan color to start with. Not the snowy white of the classic Oreo. Ugh, very unappetizing. Also, there's significantly less of it, so it sort of huddles towards the center of the cookie and is quite far from the edges.

Also, the taste and texture are not satisfying... that sweet combination of both crumbly and lickable just..

isn't. Really bad job, Oreo.


The latest bag of double stuf we got doesn’t taste right. There is less filling and it has a toasted marshmallow flavor.

The filling is also rather gummy.

The prior bag was a broken crumbly mess. Sadly, I’m done with Oreo.


I think so too! Horrible


I agree! Bring back the old recipe and good stuff.


Your soooo right! Todays Double stuf have no more frosting than the original, and cookie part taste burnt.

Too many items have lost value. We pay more, but get less in quality!


Holy shiy thought I was crazy!!! Wtf is going on!


I haven't eaten or bought Oreo cookies since sometime in mid 2016 or so. Mondelez DEFINITELY changed the ingredients in both the cookie and the creme filling too.

Both are horrible the cookie is tasteless and sweeter and the creme is damp, soggy, too sweet and gross in texture too.

It's not your imagination they DID change the ingredients! They also DEFINITELY removed the transfat that used to be in original Oreo (originally they used lard) so now you get a very stale tasting cookie.


Currently just had one and yuck! Definitely not the same.


I noticed the change in regular Oreo cookies about three or four years ago. They are definitely not the same as they were, especially since before the 2000s.

The cookie is tasteless almost no discernible chocolate flavor, and the creme is damp, soggy, and overly sweet too. Not buying them since about 2016 or so.


I totally agree


I bought one package and thought it was a bad pack which was odd to me because I’ve never had a bad package of Oreos so I went out and bought another pack. The double stuffed have LESS THAN the original icing, the cookie cracks in half even worse the frosting leaves a terrible after taste.

Did Oreo not share their secret recipe with the new company? I went grocery shopping during coronavirus and I said out loud “Better buy some Oreo’s can’t live with out em!” An old man heard me say that and turned around to put a package in his cart.

How could you ruin one of the most iconic American foods in history? I want to cry.


I just bought a big package of oreos and the taste is definitely different. The back of my package looks similar to the picture above but the "made in Mexico" is not there. I'm wondering if they took that off to stem the backlash because it doesn't say made in the USA either


I'm done with Oreo too. The last package had frosting so thin you could see cookie through it when you broke the cookies apart and every single cookie in the package broke in half when eating it.

This new package tastes funny. The frosting is too soft and has a sort of fruity flavor.

We're going to throw them away. Time to find a new cookie.


Totally agree garbage at best!!! This was my go to snack for 40 plus years.

My kids grew up eating them as well. They aren’t even close to the same. Less weight higher price and poor quality.... cheap and tasteless.

What the heck happened to the frosting in the cookie. Nothing there. They might as well of took a picture of the frosting left it on the packaging and just put the cookie in there.

Dam near what it looks like. I will never ever buy another Oreo product again.


I agree with everyone else.....the latest bag of Oreos is terrible....the says made Canada, not sure if that's the issue or what. If this is the new taste then I predict a huge loss for Nabisco and another blow to the dairy industry....... thanks


Double stuff Oreos have the same amount of filling that regular Oreos used to have. Less filling, package is smaller, but price keeps going up.

Your cookies aren’t that good. You just lost a customer


Not the same Every package I have bought g DF or our family has cookies that are broken on at least one side of the Oreo. So if you lije to pull them apart, one side is broken and falls into your hand.

They don’t seem to be as sturdy of a cookie as they use to be, so you can pull the outside g hv are copies apart and eat the inside first. Since they break so easy, tge are not as much fun to eat now.


Seems like the difference between butter and margarine. Old oreo filling was like butter - it was harder, slightly transparent like coconut oil, and if you scratched it, the filling would scrape off in flakes. Modern filling is not like this at all - it has the consistency of toothpaste and is always gummy and opaque.


I agree!

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