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I recently bought two packages of regular Oreo cookies in a couple of months ago. The cookies had about half of the amount of cream filling they used to have, and the cookies tasted like chalk and are very thin.

Same thing happened with a package of Double Stuf that I bought a few months earlier. What happened to the old Oreos? It seems like both the quality and the recipe has changed. Likely the company did it to cut costs, but why would you mess with something so perfect?

I would gladly pay more for the old Oreo-bring back the filling and the rich chocolate cookie. Until then, I will not be buying Oreos again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Oreo Original Cookies.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Bring back the old recipe.

I didn't like: Food quality.

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I ordered an Oreo milkshake from Dennys and it tasted off. Had hubby try it and he said tasted like they used cheap knock offs.

The waitress then showed us the oreo package...The next day I opened a new package of Oreos and after 1 bite I realized that they tasted just like the shake, and I'm sure it was the filling. Did not like then and sadly will not be buying them unless they go back to their original flavor.


I searched this topic because I sit here right now in question as to what happened. The cream has always been my favorite part and I'm the *** who likes to eat the cream and put the cookie part back.

The cream tastes so different! It's more like sugary milk now.

Very milky. I don't like it now.


I agree Oreo we’re done, *** I’m done with the whole Nabisco, Mondelēz International, and Cadbury companies!


Am almost 56 years old and have been eating orio cookies for over 40 years, then i took a 5 year break. Last week i bought some and am shocked that they are not even close to what i used to buy.

So my response to the company that makes them that states they haven't changed the recipe and it's my taste buds that have changed.

Ok, so from now on i will accommodate my "changed" taste buds and buy Newman's Own delicious oreo "like" cookies. Never again will I buy Oreo cookies since my taste buds "evolved."

to Anonymous #1568675

You’re taste buds haven’t changed. I’m basically an expert on them and they come in many different forms now.

The ones from Mexico are very different. The cookies don’t get as soft in milk and are gritty with a different taste. The cream in the middle lays different on the cookie. For a while the ones from New Jersey were my go to because they were the old style but recently even they occasionally are the hard gritty ones that taste like *** It’s literally a crap shoot anymore but I can tell the second I open the package which version they are.

Yesterday my wife got lucky and found me a package of double stuff that are the good ones. Almost unheard of. I have probably 10 packages of the bad ones in my house right now that I don’t touch.

If you want a good Oreo, usually the ones in gas stations in a sleeve are still the good ones as long as they don’t say made in Mexico on the package. Good luck we need to fix this!


I absolutely agree. They taste like a cheap imitation!

Why do they think they can pull the wool over the eyes of people who have loved their cookie for a lifetime. Maybe it is a publicity stunt like Pepsi bringing back the original Pepsi?


OH my gosh! I thought I was going crazy as Oreos are a staple in my home.

We buy at least one pack of Oreos a week so we definitely recognize when they don't taste right. Sometimes we get good batches that are what Oreos are supposed to be. They get soggy very quick in milk, have that dark cookie with rich flavor and delicious creamy filling. Then sometimes we get a batch that is bland, cookie isn't as dark, and seems to stay hard no matter how long it's in the milk.

The cream leaves an oily, thick, tasteless feeling. I hat it when we get those batches!


Yep. OREOS have been cheapened like everything else.

Haven't had them in years and just had them and can't believe the difference.

Screw them. Never buying them again.


They fall apart and there is just enough cream to make it look like there is some there BUT it’s not thick and creamy like it used to be.


I totally agree.Just got some, as I have not had them in ages. The cream seems more "dense", or not as creamy, has a more "pasty" texture and a weird lingering taste.The cookies are not as flavorful and seem to be more impervious to dunking (I remember as a kid you couldn't leave them in for longer than a second or two or they'd crumble; now you can dunk them and they stay sturdy.

I opted to take a bite of cookie and then a drink of milk with it in my mouth).I also got a pack of the thins with the mint flavor.

Maybe the mint will help mask the cream changes, maybe a thinner cookie will do something to help flavor. Not sure, but I won't be getting them again.

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