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I am a very big fan of the Oreo cookie, like many others, and lately I've noticed the durability of the cookie is not very good.I enjoy to "unscrew" my Oreo and eat the individual cookie or occasionally put ice cram in between them, but the past few weeks the cookie has been breaking very easily leading to crumbly Oreos.

This problem has not occured in the past for me and I wanted to know if I was the only one who has this problem.I hope that the Oreo cookie company fixes this problem so I can get back to enjoy this wonderful cookie.

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Same here oreos are breaking easy!


Just bought a pack of Oreo Golden after months of not buying them for that exact seem reason, they break so easily! The pack I bought today disappointed me as well. Who can I call?


Having the same issue.It's October and the expiration is November.

Thought they were breaking because the were close to the expiration date.

Pretty frustrating that I can't even pick one up without them breaking.Who can I contact?


Yess same thing here!!

Bowie, Maryland, United States #1356815

yeah it's August 2017 and they break right down the middle.I bought two packs back in March and they had the same problem and I thought it was a something that happened in shipping but now both new packs are breaking again.

now that I googled it I can see this is a trend.will not buy anymore until next year because of this and if next year's break then I'm done with them.

Henderson, Nevada, United States #1311799

They all break just by picking them up. Time to stop buying them. Maybe the sales will drop and the company will wake up.


Dealing with the exact same thing. Every cookie I eat breaks down the center.


Here it is February 14th 2016 these Oreos are still breaking easily several broken cookies inside the package can't unscrew and without it breaking can't figure it out Nabisco?


No you are definitely not alone, they must have changed the recipie or thickness because since about a week mine have been breaking as I pick them out of the box! I can't even twist them anymore or they shatter!!!

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #786724

Same here.Seems that the mixture has changed in some way.

For about a year I've noticed the cookies breaking in the package and easily cracking or splitting as you eat them. This problem is exists across the entire prouduct line regardless of stuffing size of flavor.

Sent an email to to their customer service but never heard from anyone.

Sad to see an iconic brand fail to deliver a quality product.Bob

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