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I am a very big fan of the Oreo cookie, like many others, and lately I've noticed the durability of the cookie is not very good. I enjoy to "unscrew" my Oreo and eat the individual cookie or occasionally put ice cram in between them, but the past few weeks the cookie has been breaking very easily leading to crumbly Oreos.

This problem has not occured in the past for me and I wanted to know if I was the only one who has this problem. I hope that the Oreo cookie company fixes this problem so I can get back to enjoy this wonderful cookie.

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Made in Mexico, need I say more?


Yeah I can feel your pain I have also faced the exact same problem with oreos this month.


I feel you pain , i on the other hand like to unscrew them and use them for a dip in my cool whip i am unable to do because of the cookie breaking.


I recall Oreo bowing to health critics and altered their recipe to make the ingredients healthier. This may be hearsay....


I am on my 5th package of Oreos that break. I have a teenage daughter that isn't happy either.

I miss Oreos and I am done with this. I will be switching to another brand, they may not taste as good, but at least they don't break.


False advertising Nabisco. Oreos are no longer milks favorite cookie considering they break before you even get it to your milk!

Get your crap together. Looks like you're losing quite a bit of customers over this.


I bought 2 PKG of oreos. One is regular original and one is double stuff.

I am so disappointed. They break in half so easily. I can not longer separate the two cookies to expose the filling because they break in half or crumble when I do.

It did it with both originals and double stuff. Please fix this problem!

Yeah man that *** failing me I just want my cream >:(

Omg!!! I completely agree.

I just googled “crumbling Oreos” and this was the top hit! Thanks for bringing this to light- whatever is going on sucks for sure!


I just recently bought Oreos and they definitely changed their recipe, the cookie is thinner, more brittle and breaks very easily. The cream filling is both less dense and their is less of it.

I’m guessing Nabisco is trying to fly a cost saving measure under the consumer radar. Sorry Nabisco, the consumer knows your cookies suck now.


Haha! yes.

It's because the newer packaging. the cooks sit slanted and then ship with the weight of other packs on top and so they stress down the center, every single one


I have also noticed this over the past few months and have stopped buying Oreos. I to enjoy unscrewing my cookie, but they always crumble


I have too and noticed it is always in the same spot. Always down the center.I thought it was some kind of safety feature. Thought Oreo meant for it to break so maybe it prevents choking.


I know it sucks! You can’t even lick it once and it cracks. What happened to my favorite cookie


Have noticed it for months. When you have a two year old that keeps throwing them away because they break it gets expensive. I don't know what is wrong at the Factory, but I have bought them at various locations and it is always the same problem

I'm having the same two issues with two large packages of regular Oreos. I bought both packs two weeks ago (Feb 12th, 2018) and they expire July 18th, 2018.They all seem to be cracked straight down the middle, meaning they either break into two when picking them up and when they survive that they definitely break when twisting them apart.

They're clearly not broken because of a fall or something because they wouldn't all break exactly the same.Then, on top of them falling apart, the stuffing is impossible to cleanly get onto one side. It's as if the outer ring of stuffing sticks to one side and the middle sticks to the other.Although they still taste the same, these are definitely not the Oreos of old.

I love Oreos, but mostly because they're fun to eat. I'm happy to go to other "boring" cookies if that's what Oreos have become.

I bought Oreos for the first time in a couple of years and am SO disappointed.I love Oreos and peanut butter but can barely get one good scoop without the cookie breaking right down the middle. (Sometimes I don't event it to the jar of peanut butter before it breaks - sometimes I don't even get it out of the tray!)Bit of a sticky situation.


OMG... I was looking to see if this issue has been happening to other people.....WOW..

They have recently changed something and it's evident. Not making this into a huge issue but I have a whole package of broken Oreo pieces....no fun for my kids.

It's a real shame..... will stop buying them because it's obvious they have cut corners for profit.

Same here. Just started happening around January.

Also... the cream breaks apart now too.

It used to stick cleanly to only one side which is necessary for the DIY double-stuffed Oreos I used to enjoy constructing. So disappointing :(

same problem, so frustrating!

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