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I recently bought 2 packages of oreo cookies, one original double stuff and the other regular vanilla. Upon eating them I distinctly tasted something not right.

The flavor is differnt and quite unappealing. I would even tell you that i tried them on two differnt nights and both times they tasted quite foul.

I still have the unused portions and would appreciate a responce so i can redeem my money back. Regards John Wroblewski 631-987-9798

Product or Service Mentioned: Oreo Double Stuf Cookies.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Naples, Florida, United States #1264745

What do you want them to do? Come to your house?

Take them back to the store for a refund. I swear people get dumber every dang day.

to LadyScot #1278727

Um, are YOU serious? They don't make the cookies at the store ***.

The company needs to look into this. These things are nasty now. Very disappointed as well. Used to love these things.

Maybe it's good they're nasty now. I won't eat as many cookies!

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1286521

The store sold them, the store will refund them. The company will do squat but send you a coupon.

London, England, United Kingdom #1264680

Oh look yeahhh a serious problem a biscuit tastes different it's not like they changed and upgraded their ingredients it's not like planet earth we live on stupider right next to Jupiter good morning PAL

Get a LIFE

to Oreo pro London, England, United Kingdom #1264681

I agree taste just a opinion some people need to grow up act own age for once it's now 2017 still have people like this typical example of lack of education from parents on real problems like cancer or war you know common sense duh gotta go just winding me up nerve of some people kids in hospital RAWRRR

to Frobo #1264704

Some people need to complaint about nothingness

Because they have a meaninglessness lifestyle they have no lifestyle

They are unimportant individuals

And the only way they will feel good inside

Is to create a scenario where they are in control of the situation anonymously without repercussions

And that is going to the shops buy a random item then maliciously attack it and Complain about it behind a computer screen hidden within there own home alone feeling powerful inside there small special minded ape of brain they possess Theses individuals will complain about anything Here some examples of ape brain people: It's raining the news weather said the conditions would be sunny better send them a hateful email to make myself feel good inside Being asked for I.D at airport security gateway outrageous you are racist I'm sending the company hate mail to make myself feel good inside You gave me red wine instead of white wine this is why Africa is starving to death I'm going to send hate mail to the company to make myself feel good inside THE BEST SOLUTION IS TO IGNORE THEM AND IF POSSIBLE BAN THEM FROM THE PREMISES IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO STOP MAIL SPAM

to KLOPPOLK90 London, England, United Kingdom #1264708

You hilarious funny jokers you funny people should release a book

Also the whinging whines crying about oreo's need a new tounge hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

it's a biscuit get over yourself you successfully stroked your ego tonight move on

to Frobo Laurel, Maryland, United States #1265720

This sounds like a Nabisco shill to protect their new chemical oreo recipe. Not that it wasn't bad enough before....

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