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I opened a 36 package of oreos and found a cookie that was incorrectly put together where one side of the cookie was upside down instead of showing the oreo logo and carvings.

Review about: Oreo Cookies.

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sell it on ebay lol

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #995832

This would not bother me as long as they a) taste the same, and b) there were still 36 oreos in the package


goodness, laugh it off and eat the dang cookie. Why does it matter that much?

Just saying that it's not really a legitimate complaint when the cookies come from a factory machine that messes up.

I've had some where there were no cream in the middle. tragic, indeed, but I lived.


I bet you're scarred for life. Someone owes you a lot of money!


And you can taste the difference? Geez, if that is your biggest complaint in life, you're doing well.

to Anonymous Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada #921908


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