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I have been an Oreo fanatic my entire life. I'm 68 years old.

But i was never so disappointed when i opened this package of Oreo's expecting to get what the package shows but received alot less. (See attached photos). I'm a retired engineer and know the area of circle decreases rapidly as the diameter gets less. But this is disheartening to think your accountants want to make a few more pennies per package while short changing the consumer of product.

If this is the way of your product's future, then count me out. Robert Dowdy Cell # 1-815-674-0628 email: rowdydowdy@mchsi.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Oreo Cookies.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I agree he should be able to post any review of any product he wants. But Bob, DO NOT post your cell number and email address in a public forum!!!!!!

Good Lord. Lol.

Union, New Jersey, United States #1332353

Well dude i lookd at your oreo cookies thats normal for regular oreo cookies i think if you want more filling then try there oreo double stuff.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1283709

I love them cookies!


So I take it you don't have a girlfriend. Or a life.

to Anonymous #1279579

How did you know?

Naples, Florida, United States #1277456

"expecting to get what the package shows"

You are 68 years old and you do not understand that packaging is advertisement?

Muncie, Indiana, United States #1274624

Bob, you are 68 years old and a package of junk food that was not made exactly how you wanted it was your biggest disappointment in life?!? Either you are being a tad dramatic or you've lived the most blessed life ever.

to off***sumer***ed Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation #1281997

STFU you troll, the OP can complain about whatever he wants.

to *** you ******ler Naples, Florida, United States #1282041

Lol. This coming from someone who can't spell co.cksu.cker.

to LadyScot #1283321

LadyScot, you have a filthy mouth. What a disgusting person you are!

to *** you ******ler #1283332

Certainly the OP is free to publicly complain about anything he likes. Just as we are free to publicly point out what a melodramatic loser he is.

to *** you ******ler #1595600

I agree with you because I have noticed everything you buy now down to a bag of wing-dings the price goes up and the bags are getting smaller with everything it's ridiculous

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