There so called *** easy open pull tab is NEVER easy to pull up.You have to pry and separate it from the packaging to get enough to grasp and pull the top open.

Get your *** together.

I eat my Oreos ONE WAY, I dip them in milk.Try dipping crumbs in milk after the cookies all get crushed because the easy open pull tab sucks.

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#~30yr old white woman problems.Oh no not a $3 pack of cookies.

Let me guess, you will never shop at the store that sold them again, never buy a nabisco product again, and the company owes you a coupon, $3000, and a new car.

Try eating them another way.Put those crumbs in your ice cream.

South Haven, Michigan, United States #901910

OK, so you've demonstrated on an international web site that you are incapable of opening a package of cookies.


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