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Just opened these oreos and theres some missing and there squished where is the quality control in this?

Review about: Oreo Cookies.

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Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #883949

I just had to lol at this. it's obviously bull$hit.

look at the 1/2 eaten one they left in the package.

stop trying to scam for free cookies so your fat a$$ doesn't have to buy them.

people are freaking ridiculous these days. btw if you were really complaining about this you'd have gone to Nabisco NOT a public complaints website where the likelihood of anyone who can do anything is next to nothing.

so again get off your fat butt and buy some more oreos and stop trying to get them for free.

oh and if you're going to post more BS in the future do a better job of making the scam look legit.

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