Nabisco has done it again. Went to Publix and noticed that the pricing was the same, but the size of the packaging was noticeable smaller...

if you pay attention. Originally Oreos packaging contained 16 oz, then it went to 15.25 oz. Now it is down to 14.3 ozs. If you don't pay attention, you may not realize the change in size, as the pricing is still the same.

Once again an example of slipping in less product for the same price (which in my opinion is high to begin). Again, another example of getting less per product for the price.

Location: Eagle Lake, Florida

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If you are changing the volume of the package at least have the courtesy to notify us so we don’t totally RUIN the recipe. Mint Oreo cookie balls were a mess due to less Oreos in the same recipe. NOT COOL.


Everyone is doing this instead of DECREASING the compensation of the C-suite. Shame!


I bought a package of oreos the other day. Now only 36 cookies.


I decided to count my contents also the other day. Same thing ..2 cookies less than paid for. Yeah I know, kinda petty but my time is free being retired and it's too nasty outside to go sailing.


Another example of inflation. This is not new people.


Bought a packet today and noticed immediately how wee they were. Won't be buying any more then :(


Buy the Publix version. Much cheaper.

Double stuff.

And I think the cookie portion has a BETTER taste. So far, still the same size as before.


I made oreo balls this evening and the mixture was way too wet! I then realized that there weren't many cookies in the package. Which made .e mad because the package is a lot smaller than it was last year!!


OREO'S NOW! ( 13.2oz) SMH


This is causing me problems with a recipe that calls for two rows of oreos in a 9x13 Crust and the last row as a topping. The crust doesn't want to be 9x13 anymore.


If you eat so many Oreos you can state the oz you probably have a problem bigger than Oreos costing more.


That my friend is what u call inflation hitting the US


If you are downsizing packaging then down size the price.

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