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I bought an oreo cookies at walmart almost 20 days ago I won a fifty follars gift card nobody at walmar knew how I coud change it I wad told to go over internet I send a massege telleny that I didint know how ro change it I saw an addres but I didnt send anything wishing someone to sendme or pjoneme for more specificatons next time if you do a specific supermarket ad the only one that has the promotion to make easy you can give the prize to the store and we can go and pickup ot at the store that is when you are really giving away a prize for your cudtomers when you go to buy a lottery scratch tiket you win less tjan certaim amount you give it to the guy of the store and they giveit to you in a 1 2 3 is yours and if id big thers a near place to yuo. So this case is easier even a big price you can do it trought the store as they see your on time with the tiket they contactyou you send it to them and them give it to you.

U jave almost a month eith the yicket. Boooo.

Product or Service Mentioned: Oreo Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What are you babbling about? You have run on sentences which make it difficult to read. Comment makes no sense.

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