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I bought a package of the white fudge covered Oreos for the first time to try them out and upon getting a huge craving for them I opened the box up, expecting a full box of them. Which should have been twelve of them and was rather shocked to find one missing.

Mind you, the box was unopened and the plastic sealed wrapper was undid turned prior to me opening it. I'm really pissed off that I spent so much money for twelve cookies only to be jipped one by the company itself!

Extremely upset and disappointed. Can not fathom that this is considered acceptable.

Review about: Oreo Cookies.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Did I not hear recently that Oreos are being made now in Mexico? That is reason enough to not buy them!

There are plenty of cookies still made in USA---I think! Don't know for sure, I make my own.


Awwww. Baby was missing a cookie. Poor, poor you.

to anonymous #940789

Trolling f a g alert!!!

Apparently this i d i o t and others like him/her dont mind companies ripping them off :D

to offyourself Ontario, Canada #1291710

While I agree with you that that person's post is silly. You obviously do not know the definition of trolling.

to anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1003074

***. People like to get what they pay for.


I see by the tally that three other people had the same problem. As Been There said, contact Nabisco.

it would be helpful for both parties if you saved the package so when you call or email them you can give them the information from the package.

Coupons are the normal fix. You could have taken the box back after opening, got a refund and hope to get all your cookies.

Orange, California, United States #935808

Also how much is so much money he spend $2 at the most you should get 20 cents back not the whole $2.

to KevinRichards #938443

$4.00 for cookies so they cost 0.33333 cents a cookie at that price.


Dude, check on the package for an 800 number to Nabisco. Companies like this will try to please and if you call them you'll probably get coupons for freebies which will more than make up for your loss.

You have a perfect right to get what you paid for and someone like Nabisco recognizes that. Try it.

to Ben There Orange, California, United States #935806

Do you lack reading comprehension? It has already been established that this person ate one of the twelve cookies and then took the picture.

Even if there were only eleven cookies, they should not get a full refund, they are just be greedy, since only 1/12 of the cookies are missing they should get 1/12 of a refund. They just want freebies because their food stamp card does not cover Oreo cookies.

to KevinRichards #938389

Did you read it?

to iamso1 Nuremberg, Bayern, Germany #1291715

Did you read it, the person admitted to eating the cookie and then taking the picture, that post was deleted. But you are not smart enough to realize this nor is your anonymous friend.

Also that location thing does not work, because I am not from Germany but that is what the location thing is picking up for my location.

As for off yourself, before insulting other you should learn the proper spelling for i'm. It is i'm not im.

to KevinRichards #940790

Astonishing assumption coming from a Californian, im very surprised you comprehend enough to read!

to Ben There #1509442

Good, I'll call them because I'm missing some cookies too.I know is not to much money but figure out this, one cookie for package just an example they are stealing in short story..Thanks for the information!!!!!


Lmao. First world problems. Oh no I'm missing a cookie

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #907541

I agree, the saddest thing is they want a full refund because one cookie was missing instead of a partial refund, this makes me wonder even more if the cookie was eaten by them and then the picture was taken to get free food.

Orange, California, United States #902348

It would not surprise me a well if fatty ate the cookie before taking the picture and is hoping they will give her a coupon or free cookies in the mail. Fatty also must be black.

Draper, Utah, United States #902098

Dude go to Walmart and exchange em lol

Southlake, Texas, United States #901826

GODDARNED KEEBLER ELVES! This is obviously espionage!


SHOCKED! Bwahahahahah.

Fatty needs her cookieeee!

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