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Dear Oreo team,

Your product Choco Creme flavored "Oreo Chocolaty Sandwich Biscuits" having code “P80113 A5” is being sold after date of expiration i.e. 12/07/2018. It is very shameful to whole Oreo team. If anyone eat the biscuit without seeing the expiry and he/she causes any unusual problem. Who will be responsible for it? Everyone will blame to "Oreo" only.

Today i had bought Oreo Chocolaty Sandwich Biscuits from a store namely Katyal Store located at Shakarpur, New Delhi, 110092 which was expired. Packed date was coloured with white colour so that it can't to visible and expiry date of the product is shown as packed date on the biscuit cover. I had taken a bite of the biscuit and i feel that the taste was different and i had seen the expiry date which is expired.

Name of the store along with its address is cited below:

Name of the Store: Katyal Store

Address: F-740, Ganesh Nagar-II, Shakarpur, New Delhi, 110092

I have also attached the pic of the biscuit.

Seeking positive and immediate response from the Oreo.

Product or Service Mentioned: Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Perhaps it’s your weird way of putting dates on stuff but since OREO is a American company their dates are done according to the American way of putting dates down. Which is MONTH/DAY/YEAR.

Not the euro way of DAY/MONTH/YEAR. So really it’s iust your ignorance and inability to think even slightly outside of your comfort zone. What’s amazing is that not only do you make assumptions but you are also trying to blame the company that makes the cookies INSTEAD of the store that is doing the selling. The store is the responsible party to ensure they are not selling expired goods.

Not only have you proved the ignorance you have but you have also proven you’re a moron. Maybe instead of trying to get free cookies you can go back to school so you can learn how to be a real boy.

You know instead of a ignorant stereotype. I didn’t realize the India was so hard up that thier citizens have to make false reports to get free cookies.....


It’s not Dec 7th 2018 yet

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