Byram Township, New Jersey
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Our family loves the original Oreo cookies.The last two packages we bought, however, annoyed us.

Every single cookie crumbled when we picked it up. If we were able to pick it up, the cookie completely fell apart the instant it touched milk. My husband and I found this pretty annoying, but our children were pretty mad. Naturally a four and six year old have a hard time controlling their emotions.

We tried a package of double stuff instead but had the same problem.

You can see in the picture the leftovers of cookies we attempted to eat...about 1/4 to 1/2 a package of cookie remnants get thrown away.We love your product, but we are currently disappointed with the quality.

Review about: Oreo Cookies.

Reason of review: Poor quality of product, as described in complaint.

Preferred solution: I suppose you could give us a coupon to buy more cookies. All we want is cookies that don't fall apart the moment they are touched..

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Humboldt, Kansas, United States #1315592

Done with of my very favorite things until they morphed to inedible

Henderson, Nevada, United States #1307947

Same thing here. They just crumble when you try to pick them up.


OK, I agree with BOTH comments below.

1.You are teaching your children to waste food because the cookies crumbled?

Really? Didn't your parents ever teach you about the children who are starving in other countries?

2. Learn where your complaint should be placed. Oreo has quality control procedures and standards.

What they CANNOT control however, is the product handling once it leaves their facility. So, between Nabisco and your store shelf, you have the persons who loaded the truck to the warehouse. The person who unloaded the truck into the warehouse. The person who loaded the truck to deliver the cookies to the grocery store.

The person who unloaded the truck at the grocery store. And finally, the stockboy who stocked your store's shelves. But no, I guess it's Oreo/Nabisco's fault and NOT the fault of any of the number of people who most likely handled the package improperly up to and including your kids who probably are typical kids and get excited and don't handle things with care.

Really? And people wonder why frivolous lawsuits win.

They start out with ridiculous complaints like this and go from there.It really is pathetic.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #921297

Now this is a REAL complaint.Cookies breaking apart.

You are so fking pathetic. Why don't u go rot in *** then you'll have something real to complain about u dumb pathetic white trash reject. ***.

Get help and why is this Bullishlt nonsense a featured review.Get some shame loser

Orange, California, United States #918306

You threw away perfectly good cookies because they are broken, what a good lesson to teach your children. Thank God your children are perfect or you would abandon them.

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, United States #918287

Have the very same problem. They must have changed the recipe as well because they don't taste the same either.

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