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I had Oreos recently and had an awful taste and smell to them. I asked my friend to try one and asked him if it tasted different than usual.

He stated that they tasted quite awful as well. I decided to throw away the Oreos due to the horrible smell. I asked my friend if he could bring some Oreos from his house and those tasted much better and didn't have an awful smell to them.

I was quite disappointed as I am a huge fan of Oreos and purchase them often. Ever since this I've been kinda picky about wanting to get Oreos.

Product or Service Mentioned: Oreo Cookies.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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I love oreos, more specificly double stuffed oreos, but for the past few months when I bought them they smelled and tasted very bad. I was hoping it was just a problem where I bought them from but now I see it might be the company/factory itself. For the solution Id suggested investigating why this is heppening and fixing the problem asap.


I see some of these posts are a little old but I just purchased Oreo thins in the individual packages (lunch package) and they stink and smell like chemicals, experienced it the other day (same box different package) and thought I was mistaken but again today they smell really bad


I have the same problem right now.My son and his cousin is eating oreo until i tasted one,so disgusting! It is so dissapointing. Im worried about the children.


Funny. You say they are inedible but you want a price reduction.

to Anonymous #981950

Does it really matter to you? I bought these Oreos and wasted money on it. It isn't much but still quite disgusting.

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