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NABISCO!!!!! WHY????? Why in the world can't you produce the original tasting oreo double stuf cookie I've loved for over 40 years??? They now taste horrendous!!! They taste nothing like the original; they actually taste like POISON!!! My wife thought I was going crazy every time I opened up a pack of oreos and yelled "I WANT MY DOUBLE STUF OREOS BACK!!!!!" Over the years I've spent a large amount of money on oreos and I'll continue to do so if... Read more

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I cannot believe how you have destroyed your product. There is so little frosting between the cookies that they fall apart. So disgusted with yet another company lowering the quality of their product to make a buck. This review requires at least 100 words. I don't think it will take that many words to describe DISGUSTING! The Dollar Tree cookies beat yours; and to think you want over $4.00 a bag. What a crock. How much can it cost you to put... Read more

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  • Nov 27
  • #962188

I absolutely love the new Golden thins. Please make the lemon ones like them.

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  • Nov 26
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Since Oreos are no longer made in the US, they are awful. The cookies fall apart, there is little cream left. Why change the cookie? Will no longer buy

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Dear members of the selection committee, I had been running a couple errands about an hour ago, (8 PM EST) when making a stop at our local CVS. Getting what I had of came for, I picked up a pack of your Double Stuf Oroes as well. I then go home and settle to eat them, but come to find out the package looks as if 10 or so Oroes are missing. The package was sealed tight. Is this a company mistake? Do I continue to eat the Oroes? Type disappointed... Read more

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My oreos taste terrible. I dunk them in milk and they don't even bubble at all. They don't fall apart in my milk like the used to. The cookie stays mostly together. WHAT THE ***. They don't taste the same even when I don't dunk them. They taste like pure sugar in a VERY BAD way. The flavor is terrible now. VERY ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR. And no they're not expired, far from it actually. That's it. I don't have 100 words. Why are you making write extra.... Read more

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  • Nov 24
  • #960995

My wife and I hate them now. They used to be thicker and less crunchy. Now they're hard and have a candy taste. And if that wasn't bad enough, they are now made in a foreign country! Thanks Nabisco

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Double stuffed ores use to be my weakness. The last few time i have purchased them i noticed the had a different taste...almost chemical. At first i thought it was me but after speaking to co workers they have noticed a difference as well. Today i notice on yhe package they are made in mexico......really?....booo. i will not be purchasing anymore more that are made in Mexico. MAYBE NO MORE AT ALL. I like the Spartan brand . Read more

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I managed to find a package of Oreos NOT marked "Made in Mexico" and compared them to those from a package that was Made in Mexico. The difference was marked. The Mexican Oreos seemed a bit stale although they were clearly within the use or sell by date. The taste was different, less strong, the filling was bland and not as plentiful and the texture was damper and crumbled differently. Overall, they are a poor substitute for the Oreos we... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 21
  • #959302

Aweful, i thought i bought a bad bag, this is the only cookie i have bought for 30 years, SO disappointed, will stop buying

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